October 5th Technical Lunch:

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Dates: 10/5/2017, 11:30 AM - 01:00 PM CST
Location: Dave & Busters
Register Here: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=bzchscmab&oeidk=a07eeg8jrd0515116e8
Type: Education Program

SI Dallas Chapter – 2016/2017 Technical Lunch Series


October 5th Technical Lunch

Lightning Protection 101

Presented by:  Bonded Lightning Protection Systems, Ltd

A review of proper lightning protection system design and application as conforms with UL and NFPA lightning protection requirements.

Information covered includes a general understanding of how lightning protection systems work including the five essential elements of effective lightning protection systems. 

  1. The risks lightningposes to unprotected buildings
  2. The five essentialelements to a proper lightning protection system
  3. The standards thatlightning protection systems should meet
  4. Non-conventional methodsof lightning protection
  5. Considerations to takeinto account when designing lightning protection

At the end of the program participants will be aware of the considerations that should be made during project planning to specify effective, attractive and low-maintenance lightning protection systems for all types of structures.

Who Should Attend?

Technical Lunch programs are free to attendance by currently practicing Architects, Designers, Specifiers, BIM Managers, Building Officials, Consultants, General or Sub-Contractors and others who are involved with the development and execution of construction projects.

As a courtesy to our program presenters, who pay the majority of the cost to host the sessions, we ask that manufacturers' representatives not attend Technical Lunch programs. Representatives of manufacturers or service providers in direct competition with the session's presenter company may be turned away. We value participation in our chapter events from manufacturer's representatives and encourage their participation in the Technical Lunch series by offering the opportunity to present at one of our upcoming sessions. Please contact Steve Frank  for information on presenting.

CSI Dallas Technical Committee Chair:

Steven Frank, CSI


C 214-876-4533

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