October President's Letter

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Thank you to everyone who attended our September meeting/networking event.  It was a great event and gave everyone time to mingle and make new contacts.  On that note last week got to attend the Construct Show in Providence, RI.  If you have never attended one of these shows, I would highly recommend it.  It is a great opportunity to meet and network with members of various chapters.  The show consists of education sessions, a trade show, and several networking events.

As I was walking the show floor I was stopped by one of the exhibiting companies.  We talked for a bit and I mentioned I was the Dallas Chapter president and asked if they have a local representative who would like to attend one of our events.  Upon telling me the local person, he followed up with “you probably don’t know them since manufacturer’s reps don’t really talk with each other.”  I explained that I talk with other reps all the time and am friends with several, even though at times we have been competitors.  He was surprised and I said that is what CSI is all about, networking and working together to improve the construction industry as a team.  Also the person who is your competitor today may be your boss or co-worker tomorrow!

Anyway, I hope to see everyone at our next meeting on October 12.

-Robert Popp

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