• Anxiety about high building costs fuels 'self-perform' work
    Large-scale construction projects like the four-year, $550 million overhaul of San Francisco’s famous Moscone Center can be dizzying in the sheer volume of work involved. Increasingly, general contractors in the Bay Area and beyond are looking inward to so-called “self-perform” divisions of the work.
  • Leveraging Tech Investments in Construction
    Faster. Leaner. Cheaper. Gone are the days of simply meeting expectations when it comes to construction budgets and timelines. Contractors today are challenged to produce higher quality products, on fast-track schedules, with economically-driven costs, all while facing an industry-wide labor shortage. With more workers leaving the trades than joining, the push for innovative ways to attract and retain skilled labor is at an all-time high.
  • Green buildings make you work smarter and sleep sounder, study reveals
    The research indicates that better ventilation, lighting and heat control improves workers’ performance and could boost their productivity by thousands of dollars a year. It also suggests that more subjective aspects, such as beautiful design, may make workers happier and more productive.
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