• Holiday Party
    Another Year has come and gone and this years Holiday Party was a huge success
    This program, sponsored by the Dallas Chapter CSI, will introduce the student to the design, documentation, and construction process of taking a project from owner conception to owner occupancy.
  • Site Tour
    Pictures from the latest site tour
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  • Green buildings make you work smarter and sleep sounder, study reveals
    The research indicates that better ventilation, lighting and heat control improves workers’ performance and could boost their productivity by thousands of dollars a year. It also suggests that more subjective aspects, such as beautiful design, may make workers happier and more productive.
    Whether you need to find some new resources, fulfill your continuing education requirements, scout for new talent or collaborators, expand your design practice, connect with longtime industry friends, establish some new working relationships, or possibly even some romantic ones (it could happen!), this show’s for you.
  • Energy Efficiency Jobs in America
    From new construction to retrofitting older structures new report finds energy efficiency is a massive employer with 1.9 million jobs nationwide and thousands of jobs in each and every state. Texas ranks number 6.
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